Wednesday, June 3, 2015

REFIT LoveRules Challenge Day 3

This is a hard one, y'all. No one said that ‪#‎LoveRules‬ were easy, and today's rule is most definitely not. All month long we're discussing ways to BUILD COMMUNITY and intentionally love others, and this rule might not seem like a Love Rule, but it is.


Whether you're in a **leadership position, an **online influencer, a **fitness instructor, a **mom/dad, an **employee, or **a must willing to be challenged. Why? Because in that place of challenge you GROW...and so do others! 

Look, it's hard to admit you're wrong. >:(  It's hard to receive negative feedback. It's difficult to watch your competition soar. It's uncomfortable to disagree with a co-worker. But in each of these situations, a deeper understanding and wisdom takes root and allows you to grow in the right direction.

Your willingness to be challenged will produce growth, courage and, quite possibly, forgiveness. There's something endearing when others witness you yield instead of demand rights due to your position. 

Read more of this REFIT® #LoveRules on their blog:…/love-rule-2-be-willing-to-be-challenged/

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