Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You're Not Obsolete

Whether you have...

  • relocated to a new city or country
  • chosen mommy life, currently
  • dropped into an unfamiliar demographic
  • been overlooked or side-stepped
  • found a wrinkle or silver strand
  • felt unqualified or disqualified
  • blossomed late

Real or imagined, we all may feel a little lost. 

Recently, I felt lost and un-chosen. Rejected. I reached out to a dear friend. For several years she and I have held one another accountable randomly asking the other to spill it! On this occasion I let her know I needed to be transparent so I could move pass the disappointment weighing heavily on my heart. True to her nature, she surveyed the territory, unpacked the equipment and skillfully mined for gold. Her nuggets of wisdom spoke life into my dejected spirit.

There is still a place for your giftings and talents! Rediscovering your passions or reinventing yourself takes you into uncharted waters for your personal growth. Breathe. It will take courage. See with new eyes the creative ways to come alive and give encouragement and share your voice, grace and experience with others! Someone needs YOU.

If this has connected with you, summon your courage to share where you are or how you've come through it. Someone needs YOU.

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