Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Revisit those New Year's Goals

Does reading those words cause you disappointment? Do you remember where you wrote down the goals?

There should not be shame associated with pursuing goals. Let yourself off the proverbial hook. Any time you make a goal, you are daring to believe it is attainable. Nothing wrong with that! 

Here's where we tend to go wonky: We fail to make a plan -OR- We fail to execute that plan. Again, there should be no shame. 

Are you still trying to remember where those goals are written down?
I had to look for mine, too. 

So, what do we do, now, that half the year has gone by?

Again, ditch the shame. Pull up your big girl panties or tighten that belt and let's see how we can salvage our intentions from six months ago and feel good about ourselves!

Write it down. Perhaps you have forgotten what the goals were. Perhaps you are in a different mindset or place than you were after last Christmas. Consider altering those goals.

Map out a plan. Whether your goal is to learn a new language, graduate with a degree, become a "MOMpreneur" or whatever, use a calendar to make a long-term goal date. Then, note short-term goals on dates, starting now, stepping toward your long-term goal date. Be realistic. Example: "To get healthy safely by (date)," instead of an unrealistic goal "To lose 700 lbs in the next 30 days." One of these examples is the wiser and realistic goal! Be clear. Example: Map the plan to achieve that health and wellness goal, as in signing-up for a fitness class, making healthy meal choices, lose 5-10 lbs in next 6 weeks, getting more sleep, etc.

Believe in yourself. Yes, you can do this! If you had enough positivity and courage to list these goals, you have more than enough to stick with it! Speak kindly in words of affirmation to yourself. "I am smart. I am an overcomer. I am making progress. I am gonna hit that first goal!

Execute the plan. Don't forget where you put this plan. Keep it in front of you ...daily. Don't compare yourself to other people who accomplished their goals. If you can learn from them, that's great. Congratulate them. But, YOU have a smart plan for yourself. Work it.

"But, what if I mess up?" Again, let's not beat ourselves into a bloody puddle of worthlessness. Start from where you are and work the plan. Ask yourself if an adjustment is needed.

Celebrate Progress! It's ok to throw yourself a party! When you've worked hard toward that first short-term goal, toot your own horn! Hopefully there are positive people in your life who want to celebrate YOU!

As for how my goals are coming along... I'm working the plan and have had to make a necessary adjustment or two because life happens. Does this connect with you? Let me know, below!

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