Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Laundry Hack

What really qualifies as a hack?

My opinion is that anything recommended by a friend as a tip to make life easier, safer, saves me money and adds quality to my days most certainly qualifies


Take for example, the dryer sheet. In its beginnings, it was a busy woman's hack. Little did we know that the seemingly harmless toss-in would be linked to toxic chemicals potentially leeching through our skin. I really don't know if this is true or not, but my friends say it is a fact and at my age, I'm willing to look into an alternative... especially when it saves me money in the long run.

Enter rolling and bouncing is the new rage with the FELTED WOOL DRYER BALLS to be purchased from Norwex, WalMart and Bed, Bath & Beyond, online, in-store or at home parties! 

I helped a friend selling Norwex (which I really do like) by ordering a set. I love them! They stay in the dryer, bouncing around my towels --which do not have fabric softener added during the rinse cycle-- making them fluffy! The little woolies keep wrinkles at bay in my cottons and jeans. 

FIT TIP or FITNESS INSTRUCTOR ALERT!  My favorite reason to love these dryer balls is when I decide to machine-dry my fitness apparel instead of hang-dry it. Today's active wear fabric is not designed for fabric softener nor fabric sheets. The residue the liquid and sheets leave behind inhibits the fabric's ability to whisk away sweat and moisture so you feel cooler, drier and less stinky-ish, because bacteria isn't setting up household! 

Common challenges:
"But, I love the smell of dryer sheets." How about you choosing the scent! A couple of drops of your favorite essential oil --trust me, somebody ya know is selling it-- onto each ball and your load of laundry will be smelling up the entire room! See the pic above, the two spots on one of the balls is from tangerine essential oil. I love love this one, but because there is a little bit of color in the oil, I don't use these balls on my husband's dress white shirts!

"But, I heard those balls create static cling." They can, especially in the winter. The internet has hacks for this remedy. One hack is to put each ball into an old white sock or hose, tie the top and wash in hot water only and, then, dry in the dryer. I guess this gets rid of the clothing fibers and some of the essential oils thus helping to renew the natural wool magic!

Have you tried this hack, yet? You may love 'em! I do! Leave a comment...

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