Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well. So, it turns out I'm NOT Super Woman.

  1. Make the bed
  2. Make breakfast
  3. Pack their lunches
  4. Feed pets
  5. Run
  6. Clean house
  7. Do laundry
  8. Finish the gift list for Christmas
  9. Un-decorate the house
  10. Pull tubs of Christmas decor from attic
  11. Finalize menu for Thanksgiving
  12. Write Center of the Pie blog posts & recipes
  13. Prepare guest room
  14. Grocery Shop
  15. Shower, Shave, Shampoo!
  16. Dinner with friends, tonite.

...And, that's just today. Does she sound familiar?

Yep, I'm one of those overachiever list makers who, when discovering something to be done that wasn't originally on my list of To Do's, will go back and add it to my list just so I can mark it off as being completed. It only intensifies during the holidays! Knowingly, as if on a suicide mission for Santa, I will create a overly long list of tasks to accomplish before crashing into my contour pillow and clean sheets before midnight. (CRUD! That wasn't on the list... 17. Change sheets)

Oh, sure, at that point is when the Holy Spirit reminds me I haven't read my eDevo and Bible or prayed, yet. 

I really do love reading the Bible, especially the Old Testament partly because it reveals the personality of God. Take for example the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. God, who in a mighty display of nature, gave the busy leader of Israel ten specific directives in the earshot of the people. The Creator commanded the attention of an entire, busy nation.

In a similar account, Elijah was busy about doing God’s work; predicting famine, raising the dead, calling down fire from heaven and having 450 prophets of Baal slaughtered, when he is threatened by a nasty lady (the Super Evil Woman of her time). In fear and spiritual exhaustion, he runs for the mountains on the backside of the desert.

Sleeping in a cave and depleted of his own reserve, Elijah experienced a powerful wind, earthquake and fire caused by God, yet, was not in any of them. Then, the Creator gently whispered something to catch the attention of a solitary man. No longer busy, he simply sits quietly with the Father receiving supernatural strength and wisdom.

When I need God to speak into my life, my Creator knows just when and knows just how to capture my attention and settle my busy, self-asserted-Super-Woman self.
Take some time to read Exodus 19 & 20 and 1 Kings 19. Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!


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