Saturday, January 12, 2013

#impACT for Life ACTion Challenge - Week 1

Following Thanksgiving I digitally stumbled over a health and fitness online challenge, "Elf for Health" partnering "elves" from across the nation with one basic goal of helping each other not to blow it over the holidays. I was too late to join for Round 1, but I was set for Rounds 2 & 3!

I loved it! My two elves were absolutely Santa's Best Picks! They are leading healthy lifestyles and blogging to the universe and encouraging others . I plan to pay tribute to Lynda & Heather in the coming weeks! #elf4health is the creation of two lovelies, Elle & Lindsay, known and respected in the online world of health and fitness and have become my go-to heroines as I navigate these new waters of eating a mostly plant-based nutrition. By the end of the challenge, I crossed into a new year able to see my collar bones, again!

Aggressively making healthy choices is a facebook group of ladies, "ImpACT for Life," from the church where I attend. These friends are every bit as encouraging to one another as my elves have been to me with a reality-check mantra, "Nothing Changes until You ACT!" (That'll preach, Jani!) So, I asked if any of them would be interested in doing our mini-version of the Elf for Health challenge to which several courageous ones heartily replied, "I'm in!"

And so, with that, I invite YOU to join us, the Ladies of Life Assembly, on a 4-week ImpACT for Life ACTion Challenge! Weekly challenges will be posted on the weekend to allow time for you to plan...especially those of you who are Coupon Queens! If you're on twitter and instagram, use the #impACTforLife hashtag to post comments and pictures of your daily challenges! The impACT Apps and impACT Blogs are to assist with your daily challenges!

**Much of the excerpts are from Elf for Health.

#impActforLife – Week 1
Nothing changes until you ACT!

Track your water intake, today.
Try to drink your body weight in ounces of water!
Tips to drink more water:
  • Carry a water bottle with you everywhere
  • Add flavor to your water with citrus, fruits, mix-ins
  • Don't wait until you're thirsty - sip throughout the day
  • Drink a big glass of water before each meal
impACT App: Waterlogged -- Drink More Water, Track Daily Water Intake

Move Yo’self! Add cardio to your daily ACTions.
Try walking. If you’re a walker, try a slow jog. If you’re a jogger, try running.
Always start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down.

impACT Blog: Coach Jenny

Eat the Rainbow!
Try to eat as many colors as you can in your meals, today.
Snap a pic and post it! Remember to use the #impActforLife hashtag.

impACT Blog: Eat the Rainbow 

Strengthen your HIPS with a simple exercise and prevent injury.

impACT Blog: Runner's World

Clean out your fridge and pantry, today! Get rid of unhealthy and expired items.
If you’re obsessed with being organized, snap a pic and post your organization tips and prowess! Use #impActforLife

impACT Blog: Clean out the Pantry 
impACT Blog: Clean out the Shelves 

Keep up the good ACTions from this week!
Also, spend time journaling or blogging your thoughts and prayers as we head into Week 2 of our #impACTforLife ACTion Challenge!

**"Elf for Health" is the creative genius of Elle & Lindsay -- Go follow them!

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