Saturday, January 19, 2013

#impACTforLife ACTion Challenge - Week 2

Welcome Back! 
I hope Week 1 was an exciting boost to ACTivating your healthy and fit lifestyle. Keep those #impACTforLife posts coming as this week we'll set up for Week 3's intensity! Keep hydrating your body. You may want to subscribe to several of these great blogs!

#impACTforLife – Week 2
Nothing Changes until you ACT!


Continue your healthy habits from Week 1. Don’t let cooler weather derail you.

Set a new fitness goal.
Write it down! 

Be proACTive: Share your new goal with us using the #impACTforLife hashtag. Writing things down & sharing goals with others helps you stick to your commitment. You never know what may inspire someone else!

Some ideas: 
    Run a mile without stopping
    Walk a mile under 15 minutes
    Register for a 5K
    Do a handstand pushup
    Lift weights 3x per week
    Walk 10,000 steps 5 days a week

impACT App: RunKeeper
impACT App: My Fitness Pal

Rethink the pancake!
This quick morning pancake is full of fiber, potassium and protein! Think big oatmeal cookie!

impACT Blog: Morning Glory Pancake

Get up 15 minutes early to ACTivate your day with stretching and a new exercise!

impACT Blog: Runner's World

Make a plan! Plan out your meals for next week and write your workouts down in your planner!
As a bonus: Bake cookies! Find a healthier recipe to try or make some healthy swaps to an old favorite!

impACT Blog: Nutritionella

Clean out a couple of closets and drawers!
Going up and down on a step-ladder can be a little bit of an exercise, but to initiate some sweat – set a timer every 15 minutes. When the buzzer sounds, do a set of crunches, leg lifts, arm circles and, then, get back to work.

Be ProACTive: Be ready to donate any items and clothing that are in good condition to Goodwill!

Enough good ACTions lead to good habits!
Watching TV? Get up and move during the commercial breaks.
Try doing 15-30 seconds of pushups, planks, scissor jumps before you sit back down on the sofa, which keeps you ACTive as we move into Week 3 of our #impACTforLife ACTion Challenge!
By the way, if you haven’t settled on a Devo or Scripture Reading Guide for this year, check out: She Reads Truth either on the website or as an impAct App available as a "Plan" in YouVersion. 

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