Saturday, June 1, 2013

#BackonTrACT: Week 1

(from Runner's World)
After a two month hiatus from pursuing good fitness and nutritional choices, I'm #BackonTrACT! Yeah, yeah, I know. I chose the incorrect spelling of track to intentionally compliment the #impACTforLife plan from January, 2013.

If, like me, you found yourself: (choose one) just too stinkin' busy, traveling, suffering from sickness or injury or simply not wanting to think about it because you wanted that whole pan of double-fudge brownies, THEN LET'S GET #BackonTrACT, together!

You don't have to follow my plan exactly. I do know to see change, you gotta act. Adjust my plan to meet your goals! I turn 49, this month. It's my goal to be #fitby50. My son gets married this September. It's my goal to look great in all of those wedding pictures!

If you're on Twitter, add the hashtag (#BackonTrACT) to your posts so our group can cheer one another! So, let's do this!


#BackonTrACT – Week 1
**Nothing changes until you ACT!**

Use Saturday and/or Sunday to prep for the week!


Nutrition: Track your water intake today.
Try to drink your body weight in ounces of water...EVERYDAY!
Tips to drink more water: 
    Carry a water bottle with you everywhere
    Add flavor to your water with citrus, fruits, mix-ins
    Don't wait until you're thirsty - sip throughout the day
    Drink a big glass of water before each meal

Fitness: MOVE! 
I smile when I Zumba! I frown when running. Hoping to change that.
    Set a weekly fitness goal(s). (Walk 4 mornings. Zumba 3x this week.)
    Start where you are and add some ACTion. Go for a walk at lunch or join me for Zumba!


Nutrition: 5 "Meals"
(Breakfast, Midmorning, Lunch, Midafternoon, Dinner)
    Fiber up! Oats are my go-to grain!
    A piece of fruit with a few nuts is a good mid-am/pm meal!
    Lunch should be fun and colorful with lots of water!
    Think fulfilling instead of filling your gut full of fat and calories.

Fitness: TRACT! 
Don't be tempted to slack off, today.
    When you least feel like moving, put on your TrACTion shoes. It's mostly all about getting your mind right! Go ahead and get dressed or shoe'd up, then you can't make an excuse.
    A tract or daily journal keeps you honest! (Today: 60 oz of water. Each meal was plant-based. No animal proteins! I really wanted that gooey brownie, but ate a banana, instead. No cardio. But did 2 sets of 25 tummy crunches - 50 total.)


Nutrition: Eat the Rainbow!
Try to eat as many colors as you can in all your meals, today.
    Snap a pic and post it! #BackonTrACT
    Be creative.

Fitness: Weights! 
Unless you've been lifting for awhile, do repetitive sets with 2-4 lbs.  
    Consistency will pay off more than the amount you curl.


Nutrition: Add a new food!
Previously my plant-based nutrition became boring. I had to add to it!

    Online research blogs, recipe sites, Facebook groups
    Be daring! Try that weird looking fruit on the produce aisle.

Fitness: Throw Down some Cardio! 
    Toss it up. Instead of walking, go swimming or cycling!


Nutrition: Fulcrum!
If I'm disciplined all week, this is the point where I need a counter-weight to keep me balanced.
    Instead of toppling all my hard work, how can I rework a favorite recipe to make it "safe"? 
    Online research blogs, recipe sites, social media groups

Fitness: Fulcrum! 
If I'm disciplined all week, this is the point where I need a counter-weight to keep me balanced.

    I want this day's ACTivity to add-to the new ME that I "see" in my head. 
    Sharing this day's ACTivity with a friend or my family will build my self-value and theirs, too!
Use Saturday and/or Sunday to prep for the week! It takes more time and some organization to live this new lifestyle of nutrition and fitness, but it is definitely worth it! Also, one of these days needs to be a day where you rest your body. 


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