Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smiling at 50: My Wonderful Report!

I have lived in pain for several years.
Plantar Fasciitis
There haven’t been many mornings where I could stretch without pain and tenderness in my right foot and heel. Going barefoot is almost intolerable. Wearing flat shoes would leave me feeling hobbled in just a few hours. High heel shoes are easy to wear because the ball of the foot bears the weight. Forget about jumping out of bed or rising from a chair and walking normally. What causes it? Don’t really know. I’ve prayed for healing for years.

Last week I began training for a 10K, which involves running, walking, strength training, and cross training. I knew it would be tough on my foot, but if I could push through the pain of each first mile, I could do the training and, ultimately, the race.

However, this week a sharp tugging in my left shin presented. Shin splint. Between this new development and my old issue, I painfully struggled through Zumba Fitness and went home defeated and feeling crippled.

While soaking my leg and foot in a hot bath, I cried to God, one more time, to heal me. “I can hardly walk. I’m empty of myself. I’m empty of pride. I have no Plan B. I believe in Your divine healing.” Later, the thought flew through my brain that when I wake up I could be healed. I giggled to myself, “Now, that’s childlike faith just assuming I’d wake up pain free.”

This morning, I stretched and quickly realized something was different. No pain! I’ve walked stiff-ankled out of habit for so long, I had to be intentional about walking correctly. Every step I take is in victory! I give God the glory for healing! Tonight, my foot is fatigued from being up most all day, but there is no pain! Oh, and the left shin…there’s no pain in it, either!

I waited until now to reveal my wonderful news, because I had to be certain! There is still slight swelling and some stiffness, but I choose to believe He is faithful to “complete that which He started” (Phil 1:6) in me!

What are your thoughts about healing?

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