Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Smiling at 50: Training Week 2

"He is faithful to 'complete that which He started' (Phil 1:6) in me."

That was an excerpt of the post from last week after receiving what I believe to be a healing in my right foot and left shin. Since then, the pain I have experienced has been more related to fatigue and exercising the muscles in that foot. Who knows how long I have been walking stiff-ankled and on the outside of my foot? But, because of this awkward, halting stride, I am having to strengthen and stretch muscles and tendons that have not been used to their full potential. My heel strikes, first. Then, my toes kind of slap the floor instead of my step rolling through the natural heel-->midfoot-->ball-->toes stride.

God will finish the healing process, just like the Word promises.

This part of the healing process reminds me of when we do not move in our potential as children of the living, loving Heavenly Father. 

For whatever reason, we have incurred an injury to our spirit which restricts our "muscle" movement in a fluid manner. A person with a critical tongue causes us to withdraw from creatively expressing His passion. Fear of the past stiffens once flexible tendons until the atrophy has us hobbled in agony avoiding life that thrives in the fullness God intended. 

Sure, I want to rush or skip the therapy, but that would not enable a correct healing. I have to face some discomfort for the healing process to fully be realized. But, I have His promise. He is faithful, trust-worthy, constant, true, and committed to completing the process in me.

The 10K training has not gone according to schedule, this week. But, I have run, planked, walked, lifted weights, stretched and rested. And, I have served others, testified, cried and given glory to the Great Physician!

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