Tuesday, March 3, 2015

For the Newbie Runner: Part 5

Finding Motivation: Local Runs/Walks

Face it, all of us will eventually run a little low on motivation to hit the track, trail or treadmill. For whatever reason (burn out, fatigue, schedule, poor nutritional choices, life, etc.), this lack of motivation catches up and tries to bench us.

When the "Idontwannas" happen --and they will-- a helpful tip is to find a locally sponsored run/walk event. Registering for an event forces you to commit to training knowing there's a deadline and payoff at the end! The payoff looks like an event t-shirt, the finish line photo, bling in the form of a finisher's medal and, most importantly, bragging rights! 

Finding local events is as easy as the internet. One source I have used is Active.com. You can find a plethora of opportunities by entering your location and what type of event you are interested in participating. Some of the most meaningful opps are those word-of-mouth races where a church or school or local organization is raising funds for their cause. Knowing your registration dollar benefits other people is pretty motivational!

At the end of your race event, it doesn't matter if you did not place in the Top 3 for your age group. You still get the payoff! Confidence is built! Mojo has returned! You are, now, part of a society that is incredibly supportive because 1 mile = 1 mile, whether walked or run!  

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