Tuesday, March 17, 2015

For the Newbie Runner: Part 6

Easing Aches, Pains & Chafing

Whether training hard or starting to pursue fitness, our muscles will ache. This is typically a good sign letting us know our body is working hard and is attempting to heal itself. While this healing is taking place, we can aid it along with some simple non-expensive (and some pricier) solutions.

Consuming protein within 30 minutes as a post-workout recovery will help muscles repair. My preference is to drink a liquid protein-rich supplement containing at least 20-30 grams of protein. Many people reach for a powdered whey protein which can be mixed with water. There are many to choose from and the taste usually falls flat. One pre-mix option which tastes pretty good is EAS AdvantEDGE line of low-carb products to either get or stay lean. The dark chocolate is fairly tasty and available at WalMart for $5/4 pack.

On my journey of vegetarian and flexitarian protein options, I really like the Vegetarian Meal Replacement Shake powered by plant-proteins and the Performance Elite products offered by Advocare. The Nighttime Recovery is some insanely great voodoo! HA! If you're interested, message me for more details.

After your workout + protein shake, spend time soaking in a hot bath to ease and prevent some muscle soreness that will find you the next morning. A 20-minute hot bath is awesome when you add 2 cups of Epsom Salt. Somehow, it seeps into your skin and works its magic! Again, WalMart carries this product for about $5. Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution has really stepped up their game with a great selection of scents and convenient packaging in the bath and first aid section.

Sweat-saturated workout clothing moving across skin or skin-to-skin contact movement can cause friction in sensitive areas. Shield that area of skin with anti-chafing skin protectants which aren't greasy and stay put, such as Body Glide products available in athletic stores for around $7. 

Your skin and muscles are working hard for you! Treat 'em with care!

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