Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Riding with the Enemy

Needing a new and healthy looking Boston Fern for a showy, green, centerpiece in a large room, I stopped by a local roadside plant and veggie stand where they have the biggest and prettiest of everything, every year! They didn't let me down even at the end of the season. 

My helper directed me to an area out to the side where the leftover summer greenery was cramped in a tangled jumble. Together, we selected a beauty for which he cut me a steal of a deal and loaded into the backseat of my (fake) SUV. Off I went!

After the event, the fern was loaded back into the seat. With the weather mild, there was no threat of the plant dying as the car sat for a couple of days with the windows cracked, until I could unload. 

Who knows if either the fern or the storage box was the transport? It was just a short time afterwards when I noticed the web around the latch of the fold-down seat in the cargo area. I swept it down. It returned. I used a high-power vaccum to hopefully extract the little arachnid. Again, the web returned. Something in the back of my mind kept saying, " This web is different." Nevermind. It's one of those little ones. I've got road trips to make and more stuff to haul. Ugh. Spray the hole. Air the car. Go on.

Isn't that just like life? The evidence of a nuisance is there. I may temporarily rid myself of what's on the surface, but the fact remains there is trouble inside. It'll only get bigger if not dealt with. 
Past emotional wounds left to fester.
Offenses swallowed down, repeatedly.
Broken relationships. Unresolved conflict.
Bitterness. Hate. Jealousy. Insecurity. 
Eating Disorders. Fear. Anger. Depression.
Just to name a few.

We lifted the hatch. There she was clinging to life in that strong, sticky web, but still dangerous. Her colors revealed she was a fully grown, mature Black Widow still capable of inflicting pain and suffering. Now's the time to deal with the issue! How could I not?

It is unnerving to know she had been there all along. How did she manage to survive all that time? She could have hurt me. She could have hurt friends and family. All because I refused to take the time to explore what truly was the problem.

Are patterns in your own life repeated? Do you chide yourself for letting it happen, again?
Now's the time to deal with the issue! How could you not?

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