Saturday, June 6, 2015

REFIT LoveRules Challenge Day 6

Today's #LoveRules has two parts to it, but you can handle it! 


It's one thing to ask someone how someone is doing, but it's a whole other ballgame to ask an intentional question about someone's life. In getting to know people, it's easy to keep asking "How are you?" and get the weekly surface update, but never get any deeper. What a game changer it could be if we asked people REAL questions, like:

**What's something you're excited about? 
**How did you feel when ______ happened? 
**What do you need most from other people this week? 
When we ask real questions, we'll build real #community. 

The second and KEY aspect is to listen, and #listen WELL. Listening is NOT -thinking through what you're going to say next -zooming in on something on their face -mentally writing your to-do list -trying to come up with advice to give them before they're even done talking.

That last one is sneaky because it definitely feels like listening. Listening is giving your full, selfless attention to try to understand what someone else is saying. Listening is remembering. 

Think about what your specific community could look like if everyone involved asked REAL questions and became REAL listeners. 
What kind of questions are you asking? How are you responding to others? 

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