Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Don't Throw it Out

Let's say you're about to leave town.
You're about to leave town knowing there is food in your fridge and pantry that will go bad while you're away.
You feel guilty each time food must be thrown away.
Trashing food is like trashing money.

Let's consider this a twist on the very savvy meal prepping of this generation. I am a traveller by virtue of career and for the love of it. Also, I am a foodie. When a foodie is home for just a few days at a time, a foodie wants to cook! Foodies love to cook with fresh ingredients. Then, said foodie, hits the road, again. Consequently, unused fresh veggies, herbs and fruit may get left behind only to be tossed, later. Waste!

Take for example, this morning. The thought of another beautiful, not to mention pricey, bell pepper shriveling to a mushy, moldy mess in the drawer of the fridge got the better of me. Time to take action and, today, I had time...and 3 bells in the early stages of shrivel. Sautéd bell peppers in a little olive oil are easy! Let cool. Pack into a freezer baggie to use in future recipes!

Let's love that lonely lemon by saving the zest in a snack baggie in the freezer for a lemon cake or salad, later. 

Then, juice that baby into water to keep diced apples from turning brown until the decision is made to cook a couple down into apple butter for cornbread, tonight! 

A few of the extra pieces of apple can join a few less-than-fresh strawberries with a handful of trimmed kale held perfectly frozen until a green smoothie needs that packet of goodness!

Those store-bought herbs costing way too much money to go fuzzy can be stored in the freezer until their fragrance brings life to a pan of aging carrots. 

Soft potatoes, limp carrots, lack luster beets and even rascally radishes are perfect for roasting with a toss of olive oil and rosemary, which has been held in a cryo state!

AND, if there are leftovers from dinner, the veggies can be saved in a container in the freezer until a stew needs extra love added!

No waste!

Go play with your food ...and save it until you can get back to it!


  1. Ahh.....such great ideas here for food that is about to go bad. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Rachel! Hope you can use these little tidbits! Have a good'n!